"Marrying the B-horror aesthetic of Rob Zombie's "hellbilly" style to the dubstep intensity of Skrillex, Wasteful Consumption Patterns crafts something that's hard to pin down in terms of traditional reviewer terms like "masterpiece" or "galvanizing" but which could, very plausibly, be both." -- Bob Freville (Kotori Magazine, Los Angeles)

"The guitars are strong and heavy, the electronics are well placed, and the tracks are catchy, making Khrome an interesting monster to face." -- Ovis Terrell Ross (ReGen Magazine)

"Blending elements of electronics with death metal and industrial rock, these folks have come up with a hard hitting batch of tunes that are not recommended for the faint of heart." -- Babysue (lmnop.com)

"Metal guitar riffs over fast elctro beats with lyrics intending to piss off your parents." -- Brad Filicky (Dealstatic.com)

"Musically speaking, the most versatile instrument employed on this recording would have to be Korpserape's voice: the sheer variety presented in the array of enhancements, treatments and textures is worthy of praise. Not since "The Downward Spiral"-era Nine Inch Nails have I experienced such meticulous attention to vocal filtering." -- David vander Merwe (connexionbizarre.net)

"Mixing frantic drum 'n' bass with distorted bits of industrial, Korpserape creates a sinister backdrop for his creepy, machinelike vocals. The lyrics are beyond dark, often centered on death, S&M, mind control, and a whole lotta blood." -- Eddie Fleisher (newtimesmedia.net)

"Solder is the bloody return of hog-tying numerous batches early Manson, Ministry and even the Butthole Surfers and tossing into a rusty wood chipper." -APE :|. QUAKE Blurb Ups

"DJ Korpserape is a self proclaimed mental patient and if his alias and band name is not enough to convince you; then you can always listen to the music. The opening track on the album “Every Single Time” was enough to affirm his claim." -- Matthew Willis (graveconcernsezine.com)

"...a mixture between Cubanate’s 'Interference' and Haujobb’s 'Solutions for a Small Planet,'” --Michael Grillo (chaindlk.com)

"Wasteful Consumption Patterns' Solder has moments of brilliance." --Amy Mauk (regenmag.com)

"A few pieces reveal a very dynamic and explosive sound of d’n’b-influences melt with dark electronic elements and spooky vocal intrusions." -- (Side-Line.com)